We‘re Geeti and Mahendra, we found ourselves in this magical adventure almost by accident and we are happy to share all this beauty with the world…


I was born and raised in close contact with nature. From my family I have received many creative input and it is during my childhood that I meet Osho’s world. From 11 to 13 I lived in England at “Osho Ko Hsuan School“, a school for kids found on Osho’s vision/found according on Osho’s vision/on the basis of, where I experienced myself in many creative ways, I’ve met friends from all over the world, learnt different languages ​​and opened my self to a wider view, the view of the commune. Over the years I have worked in different areas but always in connection with the world of ecology and holism. I am an Aura-Soma consultant and I’m graduated at the Academy of light. I really love to share my research with others. Since 2012 I’m co-coordinator at OSHO ARIHANT Meditation Center with gratitude and joy since it is a wonderful opportunity for growth and encounters.


I’ve met the world of Osho at the age of 17 years and from that moment my approach to life has completely changed. I travelled a lot, I’ve met new realities, cultures, philosophies of life, different people… but at the same time very similar. It was this pilgrimage of the world, in what is known as “University on the road”, that a deeper interest for inner growth and healing for myself and others has developed inside me.I’ve trained at ODHA school www.scuolaodha.com, spent several years at the Meditation Resort in Pune where I’ve done therapy and meditation, I also visited other centers in the world. I studied Ayurvedic Massage, Reiki, Reflexology & Shiatsu and then began to lead courses as a Bodyworker and share my love for meditation. I’m now co-coordinator at Osho Arihant and I feel  that finally I’m home: free to express myself in what I like the most: massage and meditation! In this climate of peace and joy I take care of the veggie garden and the house. This center is for me a place where to meet friends and grow together celebrating life.