Dynamic Meditation lasts one hour and is divided into five stages. It can be done alone, but it will be even more powerful if done with others. It is an individual experience, so you should not pay any attention to who is around you and keep your eyes closed for the duration, even better with a mask for the eyes. It is better to do it on an empty stomach and wear loose, comfortable clothing.

This is a meditation in which you have to be awake, aware, conscious. Whatever you do, it remains an observer. Do not miss out.

Breathe as fast as you can, as deeply as possible, bring your total energy but still remain an observer. Observe what is happening as if you were just a spectator, as if it were happening to someone else, as if everything was happening in the body and the consciousness centered and looking.

This note must continue in all three early stages. And, when everything stops, in the fourth step you have become completely inactive, frozen, then this alertness will come to a top.


First stage: 10 minutes

Breathe chaotically through the nose, concentrating always on exhalation. The body will take care of the inhalation. Do it with as much speed and strength you can – and then a little more, until literally become the breathing. Use the natural movements of the body to store energy. Feel that something is growing, but do not express it during the first stage.

Second stage: 10 minutes

Explode! Throw out everything you need to express. Go totally mad. Whoops, cry, jump, shake, dance, sing, laugh.. . Do not hold back anything, let the whole body express. At first it may also be useful to play a bit. Never allow your mind to interfere with what happens. Be total, be whole hearted.

Third Stage: 10 minutes

With raised arms, jump up and down shouting the mantra, ” Hu, Hu, Hu ! “ feel it coming from the belly, not the throat. Every time you fall on the feet, let the sound hammer deep into the sex center. Completely exhaust yourself.

Fourth stage: 15 minutes

Stop! Freeze wherever you are, at any posture. Do not change the position of the body at all. A cough , a movement anything will dissipate the energy flow and the effort will be lost. Be a witness of everything that happens to you.

Fifth stage: 15 minutes

Celebrate through dance, expressing your gratitude towards the whole. Bring this joy out on the day that has just began.

If where you meditate you cannot make any noise, you can use this silent alternative: rather than throwing out the sounds, let the catharsis in the second stage express through body movements. In the third stage, the sound ” Hu! ” can be hammered silently inside.


The kundalini meditation is one hour long and has four stages, three with music and the last in silence.

This meditation is like a shower of energy, which gently shakes you and frees you from all the events of the day, leaving you fresher and lighter.

First stage : 15 minutes

Staying relaxed, let your body shake and feel the energy that rises from the foot. Let go of any part of you and become the shaking. The eyes may be open or closed.

Let the shaking happens, do not do it. You’re standing in silence, feel the movement coming, and when the body begins to tremble, help him but do not do it. Enjoy the movement, allow it, be receptive, do not force it.

If you force it, it becomes an exercise, body. There will be shaking but it will be only on the surface, it will not penetrate deep  inside you. Inside remain solid as a rock.

When I say shake, I mean your solidity, your rock-like being should be shaken to its foundations so that it becomes liquid, fluid, so as to melt and flow. And when your being, like a rock, it becomes liquid, the body will follow. So it remains only the shaking. So there is no one to do it, it happens by itself.


Second stage: 15 minutes

Dance freely as you like , and let the body move as he wishes. Again, the eyes may be open or closed.

Third Stage: 15 minutes

Close your eyes and be still and silent , sitting or standing, observing witness everything that happens inside and outside of you.

Fourth stage: 15 minutes

Lie down and stay still and silent, eyes closed.


This is a meditation that lasts 65 minutes and is divided into three stages.

The path chosen by this technique is to go into the dance and then disappear into it.

Forget the dancer, the center of the ego , become the dance. This is meditation. Dance with so much depth that you forget completely that ‘you’ are dancing and begin to feel that you are the dance. The division must disappear, then it becomes a meditation.

If there is a division, then it’s just an exercise, that’s fine, it’s a healthy thing, but you cannot call it spiritual . It’s just a dance. The dance itself is a good thing – for what it can do , that’s fine. After, you feel fresh, young. But it is not meditation. The dancer must leave, until only the dance  remains… Do not stay alert, not just be a spectator. Participate!

And be playful. Remember that with me, the word ‘ playful ‘ is of fundamental importance.


First stage: 40 minutes

Keeping your eyes closed, dance as if you were possessed. Let the unconscious  take complete control. Do not try to control the movements or be a witness to what is happening. Be total in the dance.

Second stage: 20 minutes

Lie down immediately and remain with the eyes closed, quiet and peaceful.

Third stage: 5 minutes

Dance and celebrate your joy.

Chakra Breathing Meditation

Keep your eyes closed for the duration of the meditation.

First stage: 45 minutes

While standing with your feet in line with your shoulders, let your  mouth be loose and open, make fast and deep breaths, in the chakras, your energy centers. Start at the lower center, the first chakra.

When you hear the sound of cymbals, move into the next chakra breathing. The breathing should become more rapid and gentle as you move up through all your chakras. Let your body loose and relaxed. You can move or shake gently to give support to breathing. Arriving at the seventh chakra, you will hear three bells times. Now the door breath along the path opposite downward through all seven chakras. You have about two minutes to go back to the first chakra. This cycle is repeated three times.

You will receive instructions in meditation.

Second stage: 15 minutes

Sit down and stay still and motionless with your eyes closed , looking at what is happening inside you.

Chakra Sounds Meditation

Keep your eyes closed for the duration of meditation.

First stage: 45 minutes

You can sit or stay up, be sure that your badk is straight. Begin to breathe in the belly. While listening to the music, begins to produce sounds through the  mouth,start from the first chakra. When you hear the music change, stay connected with your feeling, and begin to emit sounds in the second chakra. The process is repeated until the seventh chakra, where the sound becomes ever more acute. Then, when you hear 3 bells, remake the path through the chakras down.

This movement of the sound upwards and towards  is repeated three times.

You will receive instruction in meditation.

Second stage: 15 minutes

Sit down or lay down and be still.


Nadabrahma Meditation lasts one hour and is divided into three stages.

It is a sitting meditation, in which the sound ‘mmmm’ and hand movements create an inner balance, a harmony between the body and the mind. It can be done at any time of the day, better on an empty stomach and remain inactive for at least fifteen minutes after the end.

So in Nadabrahma remember this: the body and the mind are totally united, just remember to be a witness, an observer. Get away from them, slowly and easily, without struggle or conflict, as if you would get out from the back door. They are fed, you go out and look from the outside…


First stage: 30 minutes

Sit in a relaxed position with eyes closed. With your mouth closed, start to make the sound ‘mmmmm ‘, strong enough to be heard by others, if you’re doing the meditation with other people. This will create a vibration in the body. You can also view a hollow bamboo or other container filled with only the vibration of the sound you’re making. There will come a point where the sound continues alone and you become the listener. You do not need to breathe in a particular way, and you can change the volume of the sound and move your body gently and slowly, if you feel like it.

Second stage: 15 minutes

This stage is divided into two parts and seven and a half minutes each. In the first part, move the hands, palms up, in a circular motion outward. Start from your navel and move both hands forward and then divide by creating two large circles mirroring left and right. The movement should be so slow that it can sometimes seem that your hands are still. Feel that you are giving energy to the universe . After seven and a half minutes, the music changes and you turn your hands with your palms downwards, and start to move them in the opposite direction. Now the hands will move closer to each other going to the navel and divide outwards to the sides of the body. Feel that you are absorbing energy. As in the first stage, do not block any slow, gentle movements of the rest of the body.

Third Stage: 15 minutes

Just sit absolutely quiet and peaceful.


This technique, to do it  in the evening, is divided into four stages of fifteen minutes each. The first two are a preparation for the spontaneous Latihan of the third stage. If breathing is done correctly in the first stage, the carbon monoxide formed in the bloodstream will make you feel like you’re on top of the Gourishankar (Mount Everest).


First stage: 15 minutes

Put yourself sitting with your eyes closed. Inhale deeply through your nose, filling your lungs. Hold your breath as long as you can, then exhale gently through your mouth and keep the lungs empty for as long as possible. Keep on breathing like this trough the hole first stage.

Second stage: 15 minutes

Return to normal breathing, keep your body still and look with not focused eyes the flame of a candle or a flashing blue light.

Third Stage: 15 minutes

Keep your  eyes closed, stand up and let the body be relaxed and receptive. Allow it to move gently in whatever way it wants. Do not move, just let it happen gently and gracefully.

Fourth stage: 15 minutes

Lie down and stay quiet and peaceful, eyes closed.


Sufi whirling is one of the oldest and most effective techniques. It is so deep that even a single experience can change you completely. Turn on yourself with eyes open, just like children do. Your being is the center and the body becomes a wheel that spins around and around, like the potter’s wheel. You stay in the middle, even if the body moves.


First stage: 45 minutes

Keep your eyes open, feel the center point of your body. Raise your arms until they are at shoulder height, with the palm of his right hand with his left hand upwards and downwards, palm down. Begin to rotate on yourself. Leave the body soft. Start slowly, and after 15 minutes increases more and more speed. Become a vortex of energy – the periphery is a storm of movements, but the man at the center is quiet and peaceful.

Second stage: 15 minutes

Let your body fall to the ground when the music stops (could also happen before). Lie down on your stomach so that the navel is in contact with the ground. Feel the body that melts with the ground. Keep your eyes closed and remain passive and silent.