Ayurveda (Sanskrit : आयुर्वेद ) is the traditional medicine used in India since ancient times, is still widespread in the sub- continent of Western medicine.

Ayurveda is a compound word from ayur, life span or longevity and veda, knowledge revealed.

The Ayurvedic treatment has its origins in this ancient medicine and is part of a vast and complex medical system including aspects of prevention, as well as nursing, which would allow, if applied rigorously, to live longer, improve their health and respect your body.

This technique allows, with the use of oils and powders and specific manipulations, going to act on the musculoskeletal structure, the lymphatic and nervous system of the person making immediate well-being on the physical, psychic and spiritual.

The use of oils and dust favors the elimination of dead skin cells, stimulates microcirculation while giving a feeling of relaxation and toning, as well as leaving the skin soft and hydrated.

The oiling and stretching particular, allow a relaxation of the muscles and joints, relieving pain and tension accumulated in our body.





Shiatsu (Japanese language指 圧: Shi = finger and atsu = pressure) is a technique to balance the body’s energy supply in Japan since the sixth century. It has its roots in Chinese medicine and helps in a spontaneous way the person to reach a state of relaxation.

Specific pressure on the skin with the use of fingers, hands, elbows and knees, in specific points on the body are meant to preserve the health of the individual as a whole and balance energy where it is needed.

The points that we are going to stimulate lie on specific meridians ( energy lines that run through our body from hands to feet and vice versa). The meridians are related to the functions of internal organs, then go with the shiatsu treatment to restore energy balance throughout the body bringing vitality and well-being to the entire body / mind / spirit.




Thanks to an appropriate manual treatment of the body, with the help of energy balancing exercises, the practice of active exercises to release tension, speech or silence the operator promotes an inner drive and internal fostering a dynamic process that causes the ‘ surfacing and release of tension, they are borne by the muscular armor, the skeletal system, the nervous system that are evident in the vegetative and physical reactions of the person being treated. The primary goal of treatment body Body Bio Dynamic Balancing is to reach an alignment / structural relaxation of the armor with the help of various techniques so that the capacity of self-regulation of their well-being is once again available to the person , making the person in contact with its vital energy, centered on the perception of body and on the Self. The body continuously encapsulates emotions and stressful experiences making the muscular armor and stiff joints, and these, with the passage of time become chronic. Repressed emotions do not allow the body system to release the tensions of the body, mind and spirit. With this work,tensions are dissolved and the rest of the body finds a new balance, allowing a more natural breathing getting free from anxiety and fear, the result is a feeling of lightening Body. Bio Dynamic Body Balancing acts in osteoarticular, muscles, skin, cells, tissues and nervous system. The treatment restores homeostasis and balance of the body system in each session.




This treatment consists in a rapid sequence of movements, all very pleasant, stimulating the nervous system, improving circulation of blood and lymph, hydration, elasticity and firmness of the skin of face and neck .

It is not just a beauty treatment, because on the face are reflected all the organs, which are then stimulated and rebalanced where necessary. This is the reason why there is a sense of relaxation and tranquility, a deep well that endures over time.

And ‘ therefore a massage for everyone, women and men, and has no type of contraindication.





• It acts on the deep muscles.

• It improves blood circulation.

• Promotes the elimination of toxins.

• Regenerates tissue.

• Stimulates the production of collagen and elastin.

• Accelerates cell turnover.

• Reduces wrinkles and sagging.

• Reduces age spots dates.

• Free the face and neck by muscle tension.

• The signs of stress disappear.

• The skin is more radiant, toned and smooth.

• It can relieve headaches.

• Relieves pain in the jaw joint (ATM).

• Is suitable for those who use the Bite.






The masters oriental and Ayurvedic medicine claim that all living beings are vitalized by an energy called prana, a force that pulses through us and gives us life. In Sanskrit Prana means breath and prana gives us energy in the form of breath. Prana catalyzes all activities. And consciousness, the connection with the true self.

Cultivating prana in our lives can bring increased energy and mental clarity and conscious breathing techniques are methods that increase the intake of prana in our system.

Even just a few minutes of conscious breathing, especially when we feel stressed or anxious, they can completely change our mood and our vision and bring a sense of calm. The more we practice the connection to our breath, the life force energy, prana, more spontaneously we will find that we are moving from our current level of consciousness, to a higher level, which expands much wider the understanding of ourselves and the world around us.

In a session of breath is not taught a new way to breathe, but you are welcome to find again the deep circular breathing, which we used as kids, we’ve just forgotten. Blocks also detained for a long time being dissolved without effort and the entire energy system is refreshed, invigorated, renewed.

Each session lasts about an hour.


” The feelings and sensations come and go like clouds in a windy sky.

My anchor is my breath, of which I am aware”.

Thich Nhat Hahn





The hands move like waves in deep movements, fast, slow down. They stop in the transmission of Reiki energy. And again, move and touch is deep, to dissolve tension and then collecting light, like a caress, because the body can rest. A set of techniques work on the body are applied depending on each case, thus making each session unique and special, to measure with the need not only of every person, but also of each moment.

Each massage lasts an hour is extremely relaxing and rejuvenating.




The consultation consists of a selection of 4 bottles only. The selected bottles are the mirror of your soul, may reveal deep needs, emotions, behaviors, thoughts, and bring awareness on the material, emotional, mental, spiritual level. All this connects us to the very essence and helps us to recognize and understand our true nature.


Therefore, bottles are choices that can support this process of personal evolution.

The bottles can be used as support and integration to the session received.

The Equilibrium are spread on the body and pass the information to the subtle fields that surround our being.





Is one of the most known methods in the West and at the same time one of the oldest and most natural for humans.

It ‘s a divine gift given to help ourselves and others to relieve tension or pain in a physical, emotional and mental level.

The light is awareness that through Reiki the receiver receives and is though this light is able to bring more clarity and understanding on different type of issues giving himself the opportunity to transform them or dissolve them.

The treatment consists in channeling Reiki Energy of light in the system of the receiver

through the use of hands, which are simply placed on the body of the person.

Anyone, of any age, in any physical condition, can receive the energy of Reiki with benefit.





These natural remedies act on the spiritual plane and help us re-establish communication with our soul – or higher self, or divine spark. Through the re-harmonization of the negative patterns of behavior, focus returns to the capacity for self healing physical and mental. The goal of therapy with flowers is not to change , but to develop the personality, inspired by the message ” Be Yourself ” ” Be who you are.”

Through the interview are identified flowers suitable for you and you can directly receive your mix to take with you.




It ‘s an energy treatment that acts not only on the physical body but also on all the energy field of the person who receives through the use of hands, the sound and codified techniques.

The method stems from the awareness that the Human Being is much more complex

than we usually think: it is all one energy level in which the spiritual, mental, emotional and physical interpenetrating each other influencing each other.

Favors the transformation of those recurring patterns of thought, belief systems, emotional stress, moods, and situations of physical discomfort that does not allow you to live in harmony with themselves and with the outside world to us.

We propose Energy Harmonization treatments that act both the subtle bodies in the physical body, in accordance with a holistic view.






The Chromopuncture is a non-invasive therapeutic technique in which the operator, using a specific tool, positioned in such a way point (and that’s why ‘ defined Chromopuncture) beams of colored light points receptors on the skin, which often correspond to the meridians of Chinese acupuncture. Each color has a specific wavelength and it is this that produces the therapeutic effect: unlike acupuncture, in which there is an intervention and a change in the flow of energy, the beam of colored light, through the impulse that is given to the energy channels, carries information directly to the higher nerve centers and changes the disclosure dysfunction that caused the discomfort, pain or illness, balancing the central nervous system. It may appear simple, but it requires a knowledge of the techniques to be adopted, it is the human being, which is supported on all levels, even in the deeper layers of the unconscious and the emotions. The Chromopuncture has the great merit of having the absolute absence of contraindications and side effects, is totally painless, so it is suitable for everyone, especially the old or weak, pregnant women or infants or young children, who often love it very much and which has a fast and very effective in many cases.

The treatments are preceded by a first meeting in which, through the interview is carried out a detailed survey on the state of physical, mental and emotional, present and past, in order to decide on what kind of problematic to work on. On the basis of this agreements meetings can be fixed, which can last depending on individual cases, from half an hour to an hour and the frequency of the same.






The Tarot is a mirror but unlike regular mirrors, that reflect only the outward appearance tarot reflect something more ‘deep: our inner reality. Doing tarot cards is more than a game, is an adventure. The tarot cards are neither good or bad, they only give directions based on the present situation.